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R. Luke Cino
Owner / Broker
315-589-7320 ext. 202
6194 State Route 21
Williamson, NY 14589

R. Luke Cino Biography

Writing about myself has never been my forte, but selling real estate, helping to develop land, build homes, flip properties, guide investors and help many first time home buyers buy their first property has been. I have been blessed to grow up around the business & become one of the 10% you would say, consistently being one of the top producers in our area for the last 20 years.

My experience and years in the industry has lead me down the road to want to share what I know with agents and help them to grow their businesses as I have. You can ask every agent that is with me today and they will tell you how Cornerstone's business model is like no other. I have been involved in large corporate mergers, commercial sales & right now over the last year 2016-2017 we have doubled our production and tripled the number of agents at Cornerstone.

A little about me personally, I am married to Shana and we have 4 wonderful children who are not so child like any more. However, they are my greatest achievements by far. I am proud to be blessed with the family that I have. I had the pleasure of being able to drive a weekly race circuit (asphalt) in the late 90's Early 00's. I also worked with my family to start a cattle farm while the real estate market was slow for 10 years to help them invest in their future and college tuitions. Which I now enjoy the farm life immensely. I Ski patrolled for roughly 4 years at Brantling ski slopes, which was a lot of fun.


What I can say is it is a pleasure to have been blessed with the job I have, the people I have met, and the ones I have helped along the way. I am extremely excited for what the future holds. I hope that we can help you in your next real estate endeavour.